Energy monitoring is the core business of Argus Technologies. Our web-based software allows a simple and intuitive way to visualize energy data, analyze and report on.

Research has shown that energy monitoring can yield between 5% and 15% energy savings, with even higher percentages possible if a proper energy policy is put in place.

The Argus Energy Monitor software allows you to map the energy use of your client or company, gives you insight into the energy flows and shows you how much and where you consume energy.

Advanced data analysis tools help you understand energy use, analyze and identify where energy saving is possible.

A powerful financial module allows energy consumption to be expressed in financial figures.

Do not waste any more time drawing up energy reports, the Argus software automates this task for you.

You can enter powerful and adaptive fault rule in to the Argus software so it monitors, guards and alerts you when certain error conditions occur. Due to the adaptive nature of these rules even developments that take place in an extended time, e.g. the reduction of efficiency due to wear of a machine, can be detected.

Argus can not only handle energy data. Just about any measurable parameter, including meteorological, financial or productionrelated parameters can be processed. The Argus software can determine how much energy goes into each finished product.

The Argus software is not all about measuring. Automatic load profile detection and consumption predictions make sure you know how much energy your client or company will use tomorrow, and you can be alerted up to a quarter hour in advance when peak usage will occur. Through demand-side management this consumption can then adjusted.

Argus Technologies provides the software, but can also assist you in theIMAG0258 on-site deployment of energy monitoring. The Argus software supports virtually all internet enabled energy monitoring hardware, but thanks to our expertise and our partners energy monitoring can be quickly and easily deployed at the target site.

Argus Technologies provides, in collaboration with its partners, turnkey solutions.