Argus Technologies BVBA is an experienced and dynamic company focusing on the development of specialized software for the energy sector. This software stems from the research world where the need for a simple yet powerful tool for performing complex energetical- and meteorological measurements arose.


Argus Technologies wants to make it as simple as possible for their customers to manage the large inflow of (energy) data coming from different sources and systems. We provide the bridge between the mutually incompatible data monitoring systems from different manufacturers and provide our customers maximum convenience within a minimum of time. No more different software packages and out with the multitude of different log-ins. At Argus Technologies, the web is central. Only a web browser and Internet access are required in order to make use of the Argus software. All over the world, and at any time of day.

Powerful Argus engine

The powerful Argus engine serves as a solid and universal data platform for several  different products. Whether it is about monitoring energy , emission-reducing installations or digital signage, it doesn’t matter what data you want to capture and visualize, the Argus data platform will lighten the workload and provide analysis and reporting.


Argus Technologies has its roots in the research world. Energy monitoring allows us to develop new and innovative tools based on our academic background combined with real-life (energy) dataArgus Technologies develops powerful automatic error detection (energy guarding), heuristic identification and prediction of load profiles and applications for island operation and demand side management.


Argus Technologies presents itself as a technology provider. Our focus is on the development and support of software and hardware for our customers, who in turn use our tools to provide (energy) services to the end customer. Customers of Argus Technologies are active in the field of sustainable and renewable energy, energy consulting, energy, utilities, electric mobility, research and innovative applications.


Argus Technologies is part of the Agidens group.
Agidens is an engineering and system integration company that employs over 650 people and is active in seven countries: Belgium (Headquarters), The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, France, Germany and the US. Agidens brings progress to its customers by improving their processes by means of specialty advice, engineering, automation solutions and maintenance services. More information on www.agidens.com.